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Monday 19 May, 2014
I have been coaching fastpitch softball for over 40 years. Have run in to many hitting, pitching and defensive tools. The Pro Glider was brought to me by one of the dads whose is taking hitting lessons from me. She took about 6 swings and I was amazed! For those who are familiar with RVP's hitting videos, the Pro Glider easily creates the important EXTENSION hitting mechanic. Also, the Pro Glider Bat has a solid "bat" look and feel.
Coach D, fastpitch123®
Darwin Manuel — Brea, CA, United States —
Thursday 26 September, 2013
I use the Proglider. In one of my warm-up stations before the scrimmage even tweeted some of my players swings in that half of an hour. We went on to an eight run, top of the first and in the second game we scored 12 runs. Are hitting never stopped I will be demoing the Proglider at one of the other 18U practices this week as he thought he was going to kick my butt and I blew him away. Also the director is thinking about putting them in our training facility to use by all. Bruce
Bruce Schoenstadt
Monday 16 September, 2013
I am the head coach of The Lady Stormers Travel team. We just came back from USSSA World Series and placed 4th. If I had the Pro Glider in my bag it might have been 1st.
The Pro Glider is the only real tool that let your player use TWO senses to get instant feed back. 1. The click of the glider allows you to HEAR instantly the bat position on proper contact point. . 2. You SEE the flight of the ball off the Pro Glider to see if you are Rolling, Casting , Opening up , or if you swing is proper.
After 10-20 swings at practice yesterday ALL my girls showed immediate improvement , so much so that I am sending video to you soon.
I' have spent thousands on junk products that don't work, the Pro Glider DOES!!!!!!!
Bruce Schoenstadt
Lady Stormers 18u Pa
Bruce Schoenstadt — GAP, PA, United States — Lady Stormers 18U Black Bruce Schoenstadt
Sunday 01 September, 2013
I gotta say this is the first time I have ever felt the need to write a testimonial for ANY product. I'm a Fastpitch travel coach and also a hitting instructor. I must say the pro glider has been a superior tool for my team and my clients. I have recently brought the tool out to my students and my team and the instant feedback that they receive is priceless. The great part is the kids love to use it !!! I love the way athletes see the feedback in regards to casting / flying open on their own. I will continue to use this wonderful product with my travel teams and my weekly lessons. I used this for the first time in lessons a few weeks back and a few had to order their own after seeing the pro glider in action ! Highly recommend for Fastpitch athletes looking to perfect their game
Jon Gmur — Huntington beach, CA, United States — Pure Fastpitch
Saturday 31 August, 2013
My 7 year old daughter changed her habit of not following through with her swing. At a hitting clinic the coach had her use Pro Glider for 10 swings which she swang poorly, but visually saw her error. Motivated by seeing which direction the whiffle ball should land, she improved dramatically. Her second round of 10 she did not cast but followed through on her swing 8 out of 10 times! More importantly she had FUN using Pro Glider and can practice at home using it on her OWN!
Ann G — Huntington Beach, CA, United States — Mom of 4 kids

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