The Pro Glider bat is absolutely one of the
best hitting tools on the market!

-Softball Today Magazine

Learn to Bat Like a Pro With the Pro Glider!  

In Two Swings You Will Know How Special The Bat is.

These bats change the way a hitter creates and hits a correct swing. The fact that a hitter can do this in 3 or 4 swings is amazing.

  • Learn about your contact point.
  • Make every practice swing productive.
  • Increase hand speed.
  • Develop a feel to hit the ball where you want.
  • Stay low to hit low pitches.
  • Hit outside and inside pitches easier.
  • Find a more consistent plane of attack.
  • Learn from the tremendous feedback.
  • Let your hands take an inside path to the ball.

Swing Your Way to Success with the Pro Glider!

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