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Sunday 16 August, 2020
I'm a professional hitting coach of over 25 years and owner of, a Director of Player Development for the Giants Baseball Club (travel organization) and a High School Varsity softball coach. I've used the proglider for several years and I can tell you that no hitting coach should ever go without at least one. It provides great visual and instant feedback to a hitter as to whether or not they are accurately taking their hands to the ideal point of contact. I'm a firm believer that kids today need that visual aspect and the ProGlider provides it!
Aaron Hall — Blacklick, OH, United States — / Giants Baseball Club / New Albany HS Softball
Thursday 20 September, 2018
Alan. The results have been great. I’m in the process of rounding up video's of the before and after results. It’s amusing to see some of these. This past Sunday a respected local Coach/Hitting Instructor/Regional College Recruiter spent some time with the girls. Now me being the type of Coach and man that I am I try to learn something from whatever source of information is available and after sitting on my bucket and listening to Jimmy teach, show, and encourage the girls I realized he was simply reinforcing what the Manager, myself and of course the Pro Glider were teaching. Just in different language and visuals. lol
I love validation so I went to the truck and pulled out the bucket with the Glider Bat and Balls in it. I set the girls up so that the girl on deck waiting to bat with the instructor would go through a bucket of balls with the Pro Glider. Jimmy asked questions about it. Stopped what he was doing and stood behind the girls swinging with it and watched the mechanics of the swing and told me I ought to have that outside the dugout at every game we played. LOL. He was impressed and wanted information on it.
I know I’m being long winded but believe me when I say that was just a short example of the experience I’ve had with the Glider so far.
Tommy Williams
Thursday 21 June, 2018
My son plays 12U travel ball and was struggling to get hits for an extended time. Contact was not the problem, he just wasn't hitting the ball with authority. I reached out to a hitting coach from a local HS and he introduced us to the ProGlider. He explained the philosophy and tried it out with my son. First swing, ground ball right side, second, third, same thing, but after 20 Swings or so,line drive up the middle. The instant feedback was amazing. I purchased a drop 9 ProGlider the next day. My son set a goal,100 Swings with 20 line drives up the middle until he fixed his swing. He did this routine for 4 days in a row without hitting a ball off the T. First game, line drive up the middle, 4 game hitting streak followed with every hit, barreled up and line drive. I am convinced, this product is the Real Deal and was instrumental in developing my son's swing from casting to short and compact.
Michael Salazar — Arnold, MD, United States — US Navy
Wednesday 06 December, 2017
My 12 year old daughter was having a heck of a time with her batting. We purchased one of these for her. After using it 5-10 minutes several days per week, over a few months her batting has improved 100%! The proglider is a MUST! And outstanding customer service! I was unsure which size to get her, Alan was more than accommodating to help me figure it out.
Megan Ramsey — Mesa, AZ, United States
Thursday 20 April, 2017
Steve Gewecke, Head Coach at Alhambra HS.

In todays age of instant feedback, the ProGlider bat does exactly that. It has given our players that feedback they need for a quality swing. I would recommend the pro glider bat for serious players of all ages.
Steve Gevecke — Alhambra, Ca — Alhambra High School Head coach

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