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Thursday 04 February, 2016
"The Proglider bat allows our athletes to get instant feedback through their contact and extension phases in the swing. It's become a favorite drill with all of our hitters, but the slappers find it exceptionally helpful when working on their barrel awareness."
Paige R. Smith — South Orange, NJ — Seton Hall University
Wednesday 27 January, 2016
My name is Dr. Frank Jamerson and I am the founder of the Gardena-LA Sports Foundation, which is an inner city softball organization dedicated to helping young girls learn and succeed in the game of softball. I first came in contact with Proglider Bat when I was looking for a tool to help my older daughter stop casting out when she swung the bat. She had to bat on her college team and she hit over .300, with the help of proglider. My younger daughter is a junior in high school who verballed as a sophomore, her ability to hit was a main reason for the verball offer. She has used the softball Proglider for over 5 years it is a mainstay in her training regimen. After 5 years, I'm now donating our proglider to the Baldwin Hill Recreation Center Fastpitch Association, so that a new generation of softballers would have access to this very important training tool. I highly recommend the ProGlider for its ability to provide instant feedback to the hitter.
frank jamerson — los angeles, CA, United States
Thursday 14 January, 2016
My name is Dan Stalteri, I am the Associate Head Coach/Hitting Instructor at Herkimer College. I was introduced to the Pro-Glider at a coaches clinic 4 years ago. We love the Pro-glider as a tool that teaches driving the hands as well as a top hand snap to the ball. It's positive feedback that helps a player adjust their swing quickly and retaining muscle memory through sound and ball off the bat placement. We use the pro-glider as an "everyday" in our hitting stations, in our clinics, and before games. We are now using it with our slap hitters so they can have instant feedback on ball placement with their wrist snap. The Pro-glider travels everywhere with us. We believe in it's success. Since using the Pro-Glider our College team won it's first ever National Junior College championship in 2013, while finishing 2'nd in the Nation the last two seasons.We have won our conference and region the past 4-years. Our Hitting Stats have led the country in many categories over the past 4 yrs.
Daniel Stalteri — Herkimer, NY, United States
Sunday 22 November, 2015
My name is Brian Rice and I am a hitting instructor at Professional Baseball Academy and an assistant coach with the Cincy Doom 16U Gold Gregory softball team. I was introduced to the Pro Glider by my daughter's college coach Kristen Butler. Since then I have used it with many students and our travel team with dynamic results. The product is well designed and constructed which translates to many swings which has equated to better swing mechanics. The product speaks for itself once it is in the hands of the player but your product is not well represented in our area which is NE and SW Ohio. No one had heard of your product until I used it in lessons and warmups. I am wondering if you are interested in establishing a distributorship or are you in need of a representative in NE and SW Ohio ? The product is great and needs to be in more players hands.
Brian D Rice — Professional Baseball Academy
Tuesday 22 September, 2015
"The Pro Glider gives our players instant feedback on the quality of their swing. If you have someone that has a problem with casting this piece of equipment allows them to feel the RIGHT swing. It enables our players to make quicker corrections and get purposeful practice. We use The Pro Glider at all our hitting practices."

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