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Friday 21 August, 2015
I was an assistant coach on a team that my daughter played for for about 4 or 5 yrs. One thing that was common at every practice and every pre-game warm-up, was the pro glider. That team won nationals as 12u. They are all 2017 grads and over half of those girls are committed to D1 colleges now (because of their bat).They were by far the best hitting team that I have ever watched and I believe that the pro glider was the biggest contributor to their swing. This is by far the best tool for teaching players the proper swing out there. My name is James Heuszel and my daughter was on the Huntsville Sparks 99. Thank you pro glider.
James Heuszel — Lexington, AL, United States
Tuesday 11 August, 2015
As a coach you can tell a girl over and over what she needs to fix in her swing but it is hard for the younger girls (8u/10U) to grasp the concept sometimes. This bat visually explains to any player what you can't with words or demonstration. After just one practice the girls were able to correct the dropped shoulder and the casting. Incorporating this bat into our hitting practices gave my girls instant visual feedback and by the end of the season looked and hit 100% better. This is a tool every coach should have in their equipment.
Simona Aranda — Sherman Oaks, CA, United States
Monday 22 June, 2015
I recently purchased the 30', 21 oz. version of the ProGlider 444 (baseball) for my 11 year-old son. What a fantastic baseball hitting training aid/tool. The ProGlider 444 has already helped my son in less than 2 weeks of periodic use. The tool has helped my son to start to fix some of his swing flaws that we've been trying to work on -- unsuccessfully using other methods -- since the start of this year's travel baseball season. More specifically -- because of the desired ball flight you want to achieve when the ball comes off of the ProGlider 444 -- the tool has taught my son what the proper extension/follow-through of the bat should feel like through the hitting zone and beyond. In addition, the tool has helped him greatly reduce his tendency to slightly drop his hands at the start of his downswing. We'll be using this tool to prep for the Fall '15 Baseball Season and beyond. Thanks for an excellent product! Sincerely, Troy Webb
Troy Webb — Mentor, OH, United States
Wednesday 29 April, 2015
As a parent of two travel kids, I look at every training device on the market. The pro glider 444, in my opinion, is the best device ever. The pro glider taught my daughter to keep her hands inside the ball. No other tool can teach this so easily. We now use it at travel ball practice and have seen great improvements in everyone.
Doug Majda — Valparaiso, IN, United States
Wednesday 04 March, 2015
I am a hitting instructor and coach several travel baseball teams out of a baseball academy. I train hitters from 8-18 and have looked into many training aids. When I saw the proglider used by Matt Lisle I checked into it. Im so glad I did! By far the best tool ive ever seen. I know make it mandatory station in my lessons and practice. the hand path it teaches is outstanding. The visual and physical feedback it gives hitters is second to none. I have an 11yr old boy that's been hitting with me for about 4 months. when we started teaching/learning hand path the proglider made it so easy. And made my job easier as an instructor. I highly recommend the proglider to everyone. Take an average hitter to the elite level with this product.
Martin Black — Foley, AL, United States — MVP Baseball Academy

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