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Throw all those other gimmicks away!!!

Monday 16 September, 2013

I am the head coach of The Lady Stormers Travel team. We just came back from USSSA World Series and placed 4th. If I had the Pro Glider in my bag it might have been 1st.
The Pro Glider is the only real tool that let your player use TWO senses to get instant feed back. 1. The click of the glider allows you to HEAR instantly the bat position on proper contact point. . 2. You SEE the flight of the ball off the Pro Glider to see if you are Rolling, Casting , Opening up , or if you swing is proper.
After 10-20 swings at practice yesterday ALL my girls showed immediate improvement , so much so that I am sending video to you soon.
I' have spent thousands on junk products that don't work, the Pro Glider DOES!!!!!!!
Bruce Schoenstadt
Lady Stormers 18u Pa
Testimonial By: Bruce Schoenstadt — GAP, PA, United States — Lady Stormers 18U Black Bruce Schoenstadt

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