The Pro Glider bat is absolutely one of the
best hitting tools on the market!

-Softball Today Magazine


Outstanding Product

Tuesday 11 October, 2016

As a former player and now coach for many years this product delivers results. I have been privileged to coach athletes who have signed professional contracts, played all levels of college baseball, and have helped produce better high school players. The Pro Glider has been a vital part of our practices and drills.

Student/athletes use many modalities to learn in the classroom, it just so happens our classroom is the field. The Pro Glider incorporates many of these modalities. Each student/athlete learns a different way and we as coaches need to adjust to each specific student/athlete and their style.

What I love about the Pro Glider is it teaches muscle memory and instant feedback. Pro Glider has several wonderful products which (I own many) gives instant gratification, either negative or positive. When I run practice, privates or drills the Pro Glider is a crucial part of the teaching process. This wonderful self correcting apparatus focuses on the proper mechanics of the baseball/softball swing. This also allows the person to self correct and reflect on what he/she is doing during the hitting process.

The athlete needs to create rubric for effort and the sky could be the limit. The Pro Glider is a tool to get their swing to the next level. It’s up to the athlete.

Scott Blake
Testimonial By: Scott Blake — Franklin, MA, United States

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