The Pro Glider bat is absolutely one of the
best hitting tools on the market!

-Softball Today Magazine


Stats don't lie

Thursday 01 December, 2016

I began using Pro Glider Bats a little over a year ago in my Baseball and Softball Training facility. I use it to begin each and every private hitting lesson and I use it with all ages. I have 8 to 11 year olds learning how to hit, I have middle school hitters perfecting their swing, I have high school players who since using the Pro Glider have increased their stats, & I have NCAA division 1 athletes training with me. Every one of my athletes use Pro Glider and our stats prove it has helped our performance. As a professional trainer, full time hitting instructor, and the owner of a 36,000 square foot performance center, I would have to say that this has made a difference and a great addition to our Baseball and Softball Training. I personally do 44+ lessons Monday thru Thursday every week and my other hitting instructors average about 60-80 lessons each week as well combined. Each week at Harford Sports over 100 hitters are using the Pro Glider and getting better.
Personally, I wish I had this years ago. If you are a Hitting Instructor, Coach, Parent, Player, or an owner of a hitting facility, I highly recommend getting a set of these bats. Stats don't lie.
Testimonial By: Danny "DTAY" Taylor — Baltimore, Maryland — Harford Sports

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