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Results are Great

Thursday 20 September, 2018

Alan. The results have been great. I’m in the process of rounding up video's of the before and after results. It’s amusing to see some of these. This past Sunday a respected local Coach/Hitting Instructor/Regional College Recruiter spent some time with the girls. Now me being the type of Coach and man that I am I try to learn something from whatever source of information is available and after sitting on my bucket and listening to Jimmy teach, show, and encourage the girls I realized he was simply reinforcing what the Manager, myself and of course the Pro Glider were teaching. Just in different language and visuals. lol
I love validation so I went to the truck and pulled out the bucket with the Glider Bat and Balls in it. I set the girls up so that the girl on deck waiting to bat with the instructor would go through a bucket of balls with the Pro Glider. Jimmy asked questions about it. Stopped what he was doing and stood behind the girls swinging with it and watched the mechanics of the swing and told me I ought to have that outside the dugout at every game we played. LOL. He was impressed and wanted information on it.
I know I’m being long winded but believe me when I say that was just a short example of the experience I’ve had with the Glider so far.
Testimonial By: Tommy Williams

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