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Friday 03 August, 2012

Well, where do I begin with the excitement. Recieved the gliders on Thursday morning and tried it myself. It was what I hoping for. The finish. The completion of the swing was what I was after and it exceeded that wish.
With nearly every student my biggest problem is getting them to finish their swing. They will do it in the cage, but on the field it's a different matter. On the field their only concern is getting to 1st base so they stop or slow down their swings.
My first student of the day arrived and I sprung the unit on him. We discussed and I showed him what I was looking for.
For 30 minutes he swung the unit with a smile on his face and the important issue was he couldn't help but finish the swing. The next day his father called while my student was in a 10 year old baseball tournament. The father said on his first at bat he singled up the middle. His second at bat he drilled a HR about 20 feet over the fence. He finished the swing. It was his first HR. He has a nice swing, fast hands and power, but he always slowed the bat after impact.
Your glider helped him to finish. It is why I was so excited to get my hands on one.
You are forced to finish and see the ball flight. They keep their eyes on the ball longer which also helps.
I have been using the glider system on every student and they love it. From age 7 to age 18 they are loving it. I thought the older ones would get a little bored, but they haven't. I ask them if they've had enough, and they say no. They ask their parents if they can get one of their own. In turn they ask me where I purchased the glider system.
I have a son who lives in Missouri who coaches fastpitch softball and he fell in love with it after our talk and watching your videos on your website.
I do believe you need to provide a video of the proper swing technique for those fathers and mothers who are in tune to proper hitting mechanics.
I will ordering one for my son in Missouri in a few days. Until then. Thanks so much for system.
Testimonial By: John Corona — San Dimas, California — Legends of San Dimas

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