The Pro Glider bat is absolutely one of the
best hitting tools on the market!

-Softball Today Magazine


ProGlider Bats

Tuesday 30 October, 2012

"I have been using the ProGlider for about 2 months now, and i have fallen in love. With the help of this tool in my daily workouts, my mechanics have improved and my hand speed has increased tremendously. This is the best training tool out there!"

"The ProGlider has made my swing on the outside pitch better. On outside pitches, I tend to get too long with my swing and slow down my hands. With the ProGlider I have reinforced my contact point while still keeping my hands fast and inside the ball. "

"I love the ProGlider because it gives instant feedback. When athletes hit off a tee, they will tend to focus on how hard they hit it, instead of mechanics, and they will cheat their swing. With the ProGlider, you have to focus on your mechanics an speed to get the right results. The other positive aspect to the tool is, the click on the bat. Not only do you get to see where your ball goes, but you also get to hear where extension is made. This tool can be used at all ages and all stages of training."

-Kristen Butler
Chicago Bandits
University of Florida
Testimonial By: Kristen Butler

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